Veejay C Patell

Outsourcing Specialist (Plastics, Metals & Speciality Chemicals)

A Southern California based Outsourcing Specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Plastics, Metals and Chemicals.

Today, public concern about the environment, climate change and limited fossil fuel resources are important drivers for governments, companies and scientists to find alternative to crude oil.


There should be an alternative material to conventional plastic that should include:

  • Better Source Materials: Renewable biomass resources and not from fossil fuels;
  • Better End of Life: biodegradable/compostable into biomass by soil microflora;
  • Better Function: equivalent or better than conventional or regular plastic; and
  • Less Environmental Impact: lower carbon foot print.


In the search for new material solutions, while keeping an eye on the goal of truly sustainable products and consumption, bioplastics have several advantages. The use of renewable resources to produce bioplastics, which is bio-based and biodegrdable/compostable is the key for increasing resource efficiency. The resources can be cultivated on an annual basis, the principle of cascade use, as biomass can first be used for materials and then for energy generation, reduction of the carbon footprint and GHG emissions of same materials and products saving fossil resources.

In the past two decades bioplastics have experienced a renaissance. Many new polymers from renewable feedstocks were developed. The developments in the past few years in emerging bio-based plastics are spectacular from technological point of view.

If you are looking for bio-based material or products, plastic alternatives, certified biodegradable/compostable packaging, bioplastic molded products or simply considering a greener alternative for your current application needs, please contact us, and let’s talk about eco-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective alternatives for your company.

Our Services:

  • Bioplastic raw material (Molding and Extrusion grade)
  • Injection Molds for bioplastic molded parts
  • Bioplastic molded products for consumer and medical applications
  • Bioplastic films and packaging products
  • Bioplastic product design and consultation services

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