Veejay C Patell

Outsourcing Specialist (Plastics, Metals & Speciality Chemicals)

A Southern California based Outsourcing Specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Plastics, Metals and Chemicals.

  • Greases; Silicone and synthetic
  • Lubricating Oils; petroleum, molybdenum disulphide
  • Powders & Antisieze Compounds; graphite, metallic compounds
  • Aerosols; anti-seize, anti-rust, cold zinc galvanizing sprays
  • Custom lubricants for special applications including food industry

Specialty Industrial Lubricants from Lubgraf Synoils Private Limited

  • Grease, Gear lubricants, conductive and non-conductive lubricants, compressor oil, aerosols, anti-seize compounds, silicon fluids, dry and other specialty lubricants.
  • Neat and soluble oils, semi synthetic fluids for cutting, machining and other metal working applications.
  • Oil and dispersions for drawing and other such metal forming application.
  • Graphite based & non-graphite based lubricants for die-casting & similar industries.
  • Wax, oil and water based Rust preventive and rust cleaners.
  • Water, powder and oil base lubricants for forging and other metal forming industries.
  • Range of de-greasing agents, de-watering fluids and industrial cleaners.