Veejay C Patell

Outsourcing Specialist (Plastics, Metals & Speciality Chemicals)

A Southern California based Outsourcing Specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Plastics, Metals and Chemicals.

I have been impressed with Mr. Veejay Patell's professionalism in meeting with customer requirements and services. Mr. Patell was assigned with the task of designing and fabricating tools at his facility in India, for our injection molding facility. We were very happy with the outcome of the whole project. Prashant Desai
Exacta Plastics, Inc
We were looking for a company that combines cutting edge technology, state of the art engineering and precision molding, we found this winning combination in the Patell Company. We soon realized there number one goal was customer service. This clearly has been the pinnacle of our long standing working relationship. Adrian McCarthy
Escano Co.
Too everybody who might need help with a plastic project, I would endorse VeeJay Patell for his fine work and customer service. His quality of service is excellent and his project management supreme. I continue to recommend VeeJay Patell to all of my customers for everything from small projects to large nationwide installations. Richard McGranahan
RM Technologies Inc.
P. O. Box 500486
San Diego, California 92150
It has been great working with you, and you have been very supportive with your best service supporting us, SF Technology. You a great team player, a very pro-active in handling the project. Veary N. Im
SF Technology
Plasticts Vacuum Forming / Thermo Forming